PulseWhen seeking a relaxing spa getaway, there is a seemingly endless list of options across the globe. From expansive to boutique, organic to outdoor, spas come in a number of shapes, sizes and services menus these days. So how do you choose the ideal destination for you? Listen to the experts.

The International Spa Association (ISPA) has been recognized worldwide as the leading professional organization for the spa industry since 1991. Thousands of members across more than 70 countries rely on the numerous resources to stay ahead of trends, share news and learn more about the leading spa destinations across the globe. In the January/February issue of ISPA’s trade magazine, Pulse, the organization one member that’s near and dear to our hearts: The Cove!

Click here to see the full article and learn how The Cove was designed to ‘blur the line between outdoor adventure and indoor wellness.’ To experience this beautiful mountain retreat for yourself, visit The Cove website.