Serenity Is Right Here

In today’s day and age, finding a little peace and quiet can feel impossible. From the ping of an email to the update of social media, there is little space for calm in our up-to-the-minute culture.

At The Cove, we do things differently. We take away all of the hustle and bustle so you can focus on relaxing with friends, family or even just yourself. And with an endless variety of guests, we know exactly how to bring you peace of mind in the now.

Relaxing and Enriching Spa Experiences:

  • Treat yourself to one of The Cove’s massages for a moment of serenity. Choose such offerings as an invigorating deep tissue massage (Big Game), soothing heated stone massage (Skipping Stones) or calming relaxation massage (Vintage McCall).
  • Enjoy the rejuvenating power of a facial. Using only organic skin care products, each facial is designed to soothe, repair, cleanse and enliven your skin. Try the stimulating Mountain Mist, the hydrating Wildflower or the deep cleansing One Tough Mug, built rugged for men.
  • Daily Excursions perfectly combine multiple carefully-selected spa services for an adventure into the indoors. And because no two guests are the same at Whitetail Club, our staff would be happy to help you plan your own, customized daily excursion.
  • For those who want to bring their outdoor experience indoors, The Cove’s body treatments are ideal. Bringing the elements of nature to the calm of the spa creates an atmosphere that will leave you feeling fearless and fresh. Try the exfoliating Clear Water Scrub, hydrating Sharlie’s Secret or antioxidant-rich Deep Blue Wrap.
  • Don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in one of The Cove’s indoor or outdoor saltwater immersion pools for a thrilling underwater experience.

Shore Lodge is the perfect setting for your relaxing getaway. No matter what season you drop in, The Cove is always a gorgeous destination. And there are plenty of activities to take advantage of before and after your treatments. Head to the hills, stroll through McCall or swim or paddle in Payette Lake.

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