The dust has settled but the enthusiasm remains as we look back at our first-ever Shore Lodge Culinary Festival. The three-day event celebrating all things epicurean was nothing short of, well, epic. From acclaimed chefs competing in our inaugural Chopped-style “Culinary King of the Mountain” competition to foodies taking part in highly interactive cooking demonstrations, the weekend was packed-full of exciting events.

We could go on and on about the delicious food prepared throughout the festival, but if you weren’t there you just might not get the full effect. So as promised, we’ve compiled the four featured recipes prepared from each of the festival’s chef-led cooking classes. For a closer look, click on the links below.

Steve Topple – The Narrows Restaurant, Shore Lodge
Curried Salmon Meatballs with Coconut Sauce

Wiley Earl – Fork Restaurant, Downtown Boise
Kobe Gyoza with Maple Chili Glaze

Travis Levi – Bardenay Restaurant, Boise
Grilled Halloumi Style Cheese with a Complimentary Tomato Jam

Patrick Rolfe – Sysco Food Services, Idaho
Himalayan Salt Block Seared Wagu Beef