Labor Day is one of the classic family holidays in the US, and we at Shore Lodge invite you to celebrate right here with us.

Holiday History

The holiday began at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the States – in the late 1800s. The average American worked 12-hour days, seven days a week. Children as young as five worked right alongside their adult counterparts and unsafe working conditions were the norm.

Labor unions began to organize strikes and rallies to change poor conditions and negotiate hours and pay. They found some victories and on September 5th, 1882 10,000 workers marched in the streets of New York City – the first Labor Day parade in our history. Congress legalized the holiday 12 years later, and now we all observe the day.

Shore Lodge Celebrations

Bring the whole family to celebrate the holiday at Shore Lodge!

Dine at The Narrows

Unrivaled food in an unforgettable setting – The Narrows is McCall fine dining at its best. Take a nibble of smoked trout bruschetta, dine on our fantastic quail and finish it all with our warm dulce de leche bread pudding.

There is a little something for everyone on our menu.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Fun is always up for grabs in our heated outdoor pool and hot tub. Head into the water – at the perfect temperature – and take on laps, an exciting game of Marco Polo with the whole family or just a relaxing soak in our hot tub. It’s the ideal way to rejoice after all the hard work you’ve done this year.

Zone Out at The Cove

Everyone can enjoy our Forbes Four Star Spa, The Cove, for an adventure in luxury. From tranquil antioxidant wraps through deep, vigorous rubdowns, sensual facials to full-day spa excursions – we have a little something for everyone you bring along.

Join us on this special holiday weekend!

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