It’s nearly impossible to start your day off on the wrong foot when you are greeted by the majestic mountains, crisp, fresh air and breathtaking views of McCall’s Shore Lodge. But we don’t believe in letting Mother Nature do all the work. That is why you’ll find a wide selection of food and beverage options available to keep your team energized and refreshed all day long. From small bites ideal for socializing and taking a reprieve from tough decision-making to plated meals for more formal affairs, and even meal-to-go-options for the relentless adventurers, you’ll find that at Shore Lodge, we’ve anticipated all of your culinary needs.


Between securing a venue, gathering guests and preparing presentations, meetings and events are no easy feat. Fortunately, our approach to hosting your event ensures your success. This means that while you dictate the big picture, we’re here to help with all the details. Following that philosophy, we’ve curated half a dozen Theme Breaks for your guests to enjoy. Choose between the nostalgic S’mores, or health conscious Spa breaks. Treat your team with the Chocoholics’ Delight or Sweet Tooth breaks or entice their taste buds with the Happy Hour or Savory breaks. With our themed options, we’ve taken care of everything, down to the complementing beverages, so all you have to think about is leading the way.

Breakout S'Mores


For the go-getters, the early birds and the “hit-the-ground-running” types, we’ve devised a number of culinary options to start the day right. Treat your team to a fantastic breakfast that leaves nothing to be desired. From the Payette Continental option offering a bounty of traditional, yet extraordinary fare, to the heartier Gourmet Continental, complete with house-made granola and hot options that are perfect for winter gatherings, you’ll find deliciously crafted dishes sure to please everyone. Or, indulge your guests in our savory plated breakfasts for an undeniable way to rise and shine.


It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we know that once the clock strikes noon, nothing could be further from the truth. To satisfy your team’s growing need for sustenance, we offer a variety of lunchtime solutions. Choose from delicate fare such as our selection of hors d’oeuvres and expertly crafted trays and displays which can be arranged beautifully on a stationed platter or passed along by our skilled butlers, to staples such as sandwiches and wraps, to the more formal — and always impressive — three-course plated lunches.

Power Lunch


Whether entertaining potential clients, hosting a holiday dinner, or celebrating a corporate milestone, certain occasions in business — and in life — call for a more formal affair. In these instances, allow us to host your event with the elegance and reverence it deserves. Treat your guests to a magnificent spread at a gracefully set table with our unrivaled plated dinner options. Sample the finest dishes from our meticulously designed menus, which consist of indulgent three-course meals. Alternatively, guests can delight in carving and specialty stations serving up the likes of slow roasted prime rib, sage-rubbed turkey, an iced seafood station and more.

Let’s Get Planning!

Meetings at Shore Lodge are unbeatable. Leave us your information here along with your ideal dates for the event and we will be sure to get in touch.