July 2021

This summer marks a ‘Decade of Decadence’ as we celebrate ten wonderful years since The Cove, our award-winning spa, first opened its doors. The support and loyalty of the community of McCall, as well as our team’s exceptional service, have been invaluable to reach this remarkable milestone.

Since its inception, the sole aim for The Cove was to serve as an authentic extension of Shore Lodge – the quintessential McCall Resort. Through the world-class experience offered at The Cove, a visit to the spa has been the best way to induce a serene state of mind that connects guests with the town’s mountain-lake setting in the most luxurious way. Now you may be asking yourself, how is this possible?

When visiting or living in McCall, a few elements are immediately noticed, and that’s the surrounding area’s stunning natural setting. Inviting Douglas-fir trees, powerful local granite geology, and mesmerizing natural hot springs all take their place within The Cove. Upon entry, guests are immediately transported into a luxurious retreat that merges the rugged McCall outdoors with world-class relaxation.

The Cove Lobby

The authentic McCall spa boasts a cavernous lobby crafted from more than 60 floor-to-ceiling Douglas-fir logs and corridors wrapped in luxurious Pacific Northwest antique oak. Each log was meticulously installed during the construction phase to create an entry point that is not only sustainable but also grandiose. To replicate the breathtaking experience of dipping into an Idaho hot spring, our team used 34 tons of authentic McCall granite boulders to shape our famed heated saltwater immersion pools.

The Cove Immersion Pools

Today, our immersion pools are one of the spa’s most popular amenities, and the best part is that they are available to guests year-round. Deep in the heart of a McCall winter, you and your loved ones can venture to its outdoor counterpart to be surrounded by The Cove’s picturesque scenery. The experience is like a page out of a storybook.

The Cove Spa Treatments

Speaking of the winter season, our spa team is keenly aware that our skin changes with the season. That’s why each locker room has a dedicated steam room, a convenient advantage during the wintertime, when we all crave moisture. Not only is it refreshing and rejuvenating, but it also allows provides a great space for escaping to, providing for some much-needed peace of mind. Not to mention that The Cove has treatments and skincare products aimed at soothing, repairing, cleansing, and hydrating your skin.

The Cove’s nature-influenced treatment menu was created to provide nothing but the best treatments, with spirited massages, soothing organic facials, immersive full body wraps, and scrubs for the perfect spa day. This approach has proven to be successful with our guests glowing reviews and earning the spa a place in Forbes’ exclusive list of star rating winners worldwide. An accolade that has further solidified the spa’s high service standards across the country and refined guest experience on a global scale.

What rings true for people is that The Cove is an honest representation of Idaho Luxury. We look forward to the next ten years filled with adventure and continued indulgence.