The Spa

An Adventure in Luxury

The McCall outdoors presents endless opportunities for vigorous adventure. It is a constant fascination that lures us daily. Occasionally though, we need a respite from the pursuit. For this, we have discovered another form of adventure — one for your spirit as much as your physical-self.


Next to a stroll through the majestic McCall outdoors, a visit to The Cove is the best way to induce a serene state of mind. Choose between our selection of spirited massages, soothing organic facials, and immersive full body wraps and scrubs for your perfect spa day.

Maximum treatment time
is currently 50 minutes.


Once your treatment is complete, there’s still more to experience at The Cove. Sink into our private hot springs with our two heated saltwater immersion pools. Retreat to the indoor pool where you can evade the elements, venture to its outdoor counterpart to be surrounded by them, or head to our steam room for an extra dose of hydration.

Hours of Operation

Daily 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


For Whitetail Members and Shore Lodge guests, we invite you to book online up to 6 weeks prior to your arrival date. For guests outside the Shore Lodge, we invite you to book 7 days in advance of preferred date.

The Cove

Discover all that the authentic McCall spa experience has to offer and make your reservations today, or make someone’s day with a gift card to The Cove.