May 2024

Situated in West Central Idaho lies McCall—a mountain-lake resort town on the edge of rural Valley County. Featuring a glacial-carved lake, the majestic Salmon River Mountains, and nearly 2.3 million acres of federally managed lands, McCall is the getaway for travelers seeking to explore off-grid destinations.

Trekking by Foot

Hiking and Trekking

For those looking to venture out with the kids or trek trails at a more leisurely pace, take a hike through Goose Creek Falls. Coming in at just over three miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 685 feet, grab a quick to-go lunch from The Coffee Shop at Shore Lodge before lacing up your hiking boots and venturing into McCall’s wilderness for this approximately one hour and thirty-five-minute hike. Situated in Payette National Forest, near New Meadows, Idaho, this hike presents a picturesque landscape and spectacular views of a thundering waterfall. Enjoy your lunch before making your trek back to the resort. Who knows? Maybe along the way, you’ll stumble upon the season’s delicacy – huckleberries.

Ride the Wild Side

Backcountry ATV Trips

Families venturing into the famed backcountry, hardcore riders searching for the next big thrill, or wanderers seeking to explore—nothing compares to exploring the wilds of Western Idaho than with an ATV or UTV! Local outfitters CM Backcountry Rentals & Adventures are conveniently located in town and have all the gear you need to discover your ultimate off-grid adventure. Choose from high-quality single-rider ATVs or 2–6-seater UTVs, which are both available for half days, full days, or 24 hours for a thrilling full-day excursion. Venture out on your own and let the path take you on a journey or bring the entire family for a day in the backcountry with the trial maps provided. Navigate around the Brundage Mountain area through numerous lakes, explore Crystal Mountain and collect multicolored quartz, or book a UTV guided tour to have an expert take you to all the secret hidden gems of McCall.

Idaho Trails on Horseback

Idaho Trails on Horseback

For real horsepower, grab the reins of an authentic Western adventure by venturing into McCall’s backcountry on horseback. Feel like you’re in Paramount’s award-winning TV series, Yellowstone, as you saddle up and embark through McCall’s hundreds of hidden backcountry trails to witness nature’s grandeur. Saddle up with Ya-Hoo Corrals, who offer this exclusively during the summer season with horses for every rider’s ability. Schedule a guided 90-minute or half-day session, a private ride, or an evening trail ride with a delicious BBQ after your exploration. Pack your camera to snap pictures of Payette Lake, the McCall Valley, and maybe even some of McCall’s local wildlife.

After a day of outdoor excursions, unwind and rejuvenate at Shore Lodge. Conveniently located only moments away from all the action, our 77-suite boutique resort is right on the edge of the wild to allow you to continue exploring new frontiers for the entire summer ahead. Offering our own gems, such as our luxurious spa, The Cove, direct access to Payette Lake, and a state-of-the-art 43-seat private theater, don’t only explore McCall’s hidden gems. Explore ours as well. Discover what other adventures await this season by visiting our summer adventures page or calling us at 800.657.6464. Stay inspired by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and X!