[Photo credit: Paula Ryan/Localism.com]

As the changing color of the leaves signifies the coming of a new season, it also seems to denote a change in McCall.  The pace has slowed down a bit our little mountain town as the summer crowds have begun to thin out. But, fear not, you’ll still find an array of activities as diverse as the many shades of fall.  With gorgeous weather and recreational adventures in full supply, it’s easy to see why this season is one of everyone’s favorites. On land, on water, even up in the air, activities abound in all sorts of places this fall.*

  • Fly Fishing: As the cool, weather settles into McCall, so do the trout and steelhead population. Fall is the perfect time to explore the lakes and reservoirs of Payette National Forest surrounding McCall, and to interact with some of the waters’ scaly inhabitants. Cast your line with Ron Howell and his team of experienced fishing guides at Fly Fish McCall, as they take you on a guided fishing trip of one of 50 bodies of water in the Idaho back country.
  • Backcountry Trips: Feeling outdoorsy? The opportunities to experience the landscape and country surrounding McCall are nearly endless. Explore the Payette National Forest and its extensive trail systems with a guided tour on foot, or on livestock, and witness some of the most awe-inspiring views McCall has to offer. Backcountry pack trips are offered by the guides at Elk Springs Outfitters, who will not only take care of the livestock, should you choose to ride rather than hike the trails, but will also lighten your load by dropping your packs off at a destination of  your choosing- they even take care of the cooking and packing for you.
  • Hot Springs: What better way to sit back and relax than in the burbling waters of natural hot springs? Gold Fork Hot Springs offers not one, but six pools with temperatures ranging from hot to warm, providing visitors with changing rooms, a snack bar, and towel rentals. Since it’s open as late as 11 p.m. on some nights, you can enjoy the springs beneath the canopy of a star-filled night sky.

For more ways to explore McCall and support local businesses, visit the comprehensive website of our friends at the McCall Chamber of Commerce.

*This is not an implied endorsement of these companies, merely a suggested place to get started as you plan your next adventure!