July 2020

There aren’t many places like McCall, and there are even fewer places like Shore Lodge. When you arrive, and we take your bags, you’re off into your own little world. A world where magnificent sunsets, delicious food, and endless options for adventures remain, and all else melts away. It’s our mission to ensure that an unforgettable memory begins to form at the moment you check-in. So, we encourage you to document your stay with us to better remember all the little things that made your stay so great! Whether you’re taking a selfie on the dock or a snapping a pic of your lunch, here are 5 Ways to Share your Vaycay #atShoreLodge.


Start by heading to The Bar after checking in and take a photo of the panoramic views. No matter the season, this grand mountain scenery is always breathtaking. You can even order a drink and add that to the photo op – make that caption “Sips and Sights!”

The Bar at Shore Lodge


Once you’re settled in your room, get comfy in your soft bed and smile for the camera. This photo will let your followers know that you’re so serious about your downtime, you’re even happy when you’re in bed!

Lake View Suite at Shore Lodge


After a great night’s sleep, get ready for the day and head to The Cutwater on Payette Lake for the most photogenic breakfast in McCall! If you’re here during the summer, be sure to grab a table outside for the best lighting! And if you’re here during winter, try sitting by our 7,000 gallon fish tank for a food pic unlike many other.

The Cutwater on Payette Lake


After you’re fueled up, walk out to the beach for a view like you’ve never seen before. At any time of year, this scenery is a sight for sore eyes! The clouds rolling over the Salmon River Mountains and the painted skies reflecting on the glacial waters are a must-see. However, we must admit, photos really won’t do it justice – this is the kind of thing you have to see for yourself.

Payette Lake McCall Idaho


You’ve had a chance to wind down, now it’s time for the ultimate photo op. Head to your spa appointment at The Cove, where you will receive award-winning spa treatments and enjoy the beauty of the spa’s immersion pools! Trust us, you’ll be getting plenty of DMs asking where you are once your followers see the steam, the stacked boulders, and the deluge showers sloshing the pristine saltwater around.

The Cove Immersion Pools

We hope your trip to Shore Lodge presents you with plenty of opportunities to update your story and post on your grid. Still, we hope even more that you leave our resort without ever forgetting the time you spend with us! Be sure to tag us on all your vacation pics by using the #atShoreLodge tag or by tagging our handle: @ShoreLodge.