July 2020

The Bar at Shore Lodge is the best place in McCall for a cocktail, no doubt about it. The spectacular views, the speakeasy vibes, the friendly bartender carefully making your drink…It’s all in the details. The Bar really is best experienced first-hand. And while we know that is true, nothing is stopping you from recreating the flavors of our classic drinks at home, letting your imagination place you right here on the shores of Payette Lake. Check out these four craft drinks from The Bar’s menu that you can recreate at home for an extra happy Happy Hour.

Old Fashioned

Slightly sweet and aromatic, this classic cocktail impresses even the most devoted cocktail enthusiasts.

Bourbon Sour

Lemon juice and bourbon come together to create a tart and tangy cocktail perfect for summer sipping.


This whiskey cocktail is simple to make and boasts complex flavors resulting in a sophisticated drink.

Raspberry Lemon Drop

This berry delicious twist on a classic lemon cocktail calls for fresh fruit for a fresh kick of flavor!

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