September 2020

McCall is a distinguished place that imparts an authentic feeling to both locals and out-of-towners. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t make one thing clear: there’s more to this mountain town than just great views and great people. McCall also boasts a wide array of thrilling adventures and interactive activities to create life-long memories for you and yours. As one of McCall’s forefront resorts, Shore Lodge is pretty well versed in all that our area has to offer, so here is a condensed list of all the great things to do in McCall!

Local breweries

Beer is a part of life here in McCall. From the bitter bite of an IPA to the warming flavors of a coffee porter and the refreshing taste of a light ale, you’re never far from a handcrafted brew made with locally sourced ingredients and served with no pretense. Try these McCall, Idaho breweries the next time you’re in:

McCall Brewing Company

Salmon River Brewery

Broken Horn Brewing Co.

2. The Cove

If Idaho is the Gem State, McCall is its general mine, and The Cove is its most precious jewel! Here you can choose from a spa menu filled with luxurious body treatments and facials; then between appointments, you can sprawl out in the chairs by the garden or soak in the indoor-outdoor immersion pools filled with heated saltwater; or maybe even help yourself to a beverage from a tea/coffee station all without leaving this incredible sanctuary.

Learn more about The Cove – An Authentic McCall Spa

3. Ponderosa State Park

Ponderosa State Park is located just an 8-minute drive from Shore Lodge and offers unrivaled opportunities for casual nature walks or a trail running sessions. At Ponderosa State Park, families can camp, picnic, cycle, mountain bike, play volleyball and horseshoes, swim, fish, and watch for wildlife. What’s more, when the snow falls, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular activities.

4. The Narrows Steakhouse

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience akin to that of big cities with the exclusivity and charm of our mountain-town, The Narrow Steakhouse is the place you’re looking for. You’ve never experienced fine dining in McCall, Idaho, quite like this. From prime cuts of steak to an award-winning wine list, The Narrows Steakhouse was made by foodies for foodies.

5. Day Hikes

That streak of breezy days and brisk nights is short-lived but unmistakable, and it’s coincidently an ideal time for a hike. In anticipation of your trip to McCall, Idaho, we’ve compiled a set of local trails fit for varied skill levels. Keep these hikes in mind when planning your next adventures!

Goose Creek Falls (Easy)
3.1 miles | elev. gain 685 ft | est. 1h 40m

Snowslide Lake (Moderate)
3.5 miles | elev. gain 1,328 ft | est. 2h 18m

Hard Creek Falls (Challenging)
6.9 miles | elev. Gain 833 ft | est. 3h 20m

Box Lake (Hard)
7.1 miles | elev. Gain 2,247 ft | est. 4h 30m


Photo by Chad Case Photography

6. Hot Springs

There are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy a warm day by the lake or a warm night by the s’mores firepit at Shore Lodge, but where will you get the chance to visit natural hot springs? Only while you’re here in McCall! Though Burgdorf Hot Spring is a little ways away from McCall, it’s one of our area’s most popular attractions and is definitely worth the 30-mile drive.

7. The Cutwater on Payette Lake

Serving delicious fare by the lakeside, The Cutwater on Payette Lake ranks among McCall’s top-rated restaurants. It serves elevated fare for a hearty breakfast, casual lunch, or a spiffy dinner. Offering a packed menu with delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts, The Cutwater on Payette Lake also offers delicious cocktails from its lakefront bar, family entertainment in an analog game room called The Tank, and a 2,000-gallon aquarium outfitted with a living coral reef and teeming with tropical fishes.

8. Payette Lake

THE hub for all the action in McCall, Idaho, Payette Lake serves up adventures and activities all year long to locals and out of towners alike. These glacial waters are perfect for the usual lake activities you know and love, like boating, water skiing, and kayaking, as well as unexpected excursions like ice fishing and snowshoeing in the winter. This 5,330-acre expanse of pristine water sits at the foot of the Salmon River Mountains and, at its most profound point, measures over 390 feet deep – that’s the equivalent of a football field and then some.

9. The Bar

Are you interested in expanding your beer repertoire? You can taste brews crafted all over the west without ever leaving McCall. The Bar at Shore Lodge has a beer list with brews from Garden City’s Western Collective Brewery, Uinta from Salt Lake City, Deschutes from Bend, Oregon, and so much more! Are you looking for a well-mixed cocktail? Some of the most well-balanced mixed drinks in the area live right here on our menu. Located just across the street from Whitetail Club, The Bar at Shore Lodge has the best beer in the west on tap and ready for you to enjoy.

10. The Coffee Shop

We know that everyone takes their coffee differently, but The Coffee Shop at Shore Lodge has delicious offerings to suit everyone’s tastes. The best part about getting coffee with us is all the options of where to enjoy it. On a warm summer day, you can enjoy it by the lake; on a cold winter morning, you’ll have multiple fireplaces to choose to sit in front of.