March 2021

The end of winter and beginning of spring is a season in and of itself. That streak of breezy days and brisk nights is short-lived but unmistakable, and it’s the ideal time to start planning a hiking trip to McCall, Idaho. In anticipation of the changing seasons, we’ve compiled a set of local trails fit for varied skill levels. Check out the best hikes in McCall, Idaho, ranked from easy to hard:

Goose Creek Falls | Easy

3.1 miles | elev. gain 685 ft | est. 1h 40m

This dog-friendly hike boasts a shady downhill trail that leads to Goose Creek Bridge and spectacular waterfall views! Coming in at just over 3 miles roundtrip, the hike to Goose Creek Falls is suitable for all skill levels, including kids. But it’s important to keep in mind that the way back up the mountains is steep, so be sure to bring plenty of water and have your camera ready because this scenic trail is best enjoyed slowly and steadily.

Snowslide Lake | Moderate

3.5 miles | elev. gain 1,328 ft | est. 2h 18m

Rated one of McCall’s best trails, the Snowslide Lake Trail is fun and energizing a steep and moderately shady hike leading to a cold and snowy lake at the top of the trail! With a substantial elevation gain and rugged terrain, we recommend this trail for hikers that are comfortable crossing multiple creeks and ready for long uphill climbs. Be prepared for water splashes and mud tracks when hitting this trail!

Hard Creek Falls | Challenging

6.9 miles | elev. gain 833 ft | est. 3h 20m

Often overlooked, the trail to Hard Creek Falls is the hike for locals searching for an uncharted adventure. This old jeep trail runs above Hard Creek for 3 miles and is home to many wildflowers and wildlife – be sure to bring bug spray and be aware of your surroundings. Once you cross two bridges and over a fallen tree, you’ll reach the double staircase falls where a small path takes you down to the creek. What’s more, those with a trained eye can hand-pick gems like citrine, jasper, and petrified wood littered along the first miles of this old mining trail.

Box Lake | Hard

7.1 miles | elev. gain 2,247 ft | est. 4h 30m

Coming in at just over 7 miles, the hike to Box Lake features an open and rugged uphill trek to glacial shores and unmatched views. With wildflowers in abundance and many deer to keep an eye out for, we recommend this trail to experienced hikers with proper gear. After the first mile, there is a scenic creek to cross that’s perfect for a quick rest stop. Be sure to bring plenty of water and stay on the lookout for loose rocks and dusty terrain.

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