February 2021

Spring skiing in McCall, Idaho, is a pretty big deal. And while in March, Brundage Mountain sees less than half the snowfall from January, there’s still as much as 15 inches covering the ground on a good spring day. Temperatures are warmer, days are longer, and the sunshine is easier to come by, making it easier to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the powder on the ground. The best way to experience the spring season in McCall, Idaho, is by skiing on the snow that’s left!

First things first, let’s get some basic questions out of the way:

Where can I ski in the spring in Idaho?

McCall, Idaho, is THE place to ski in the spring in Idaho. If you’re looking for high altitude thrills, there’s no better place to go than the mountains of Western Idaho.

How long is the ski season in McCall, Idaho?

Depending on the conditions, skiers have until mid to late-March to enjoy some sunny downhill action.

What gear should I pack for a spring ski trip?

The slopes are a little warmer this time of year, so leave your snowsuit at home and pack some lightweight snow gear for your spring ski trip to McCall, Idaho.

Now that we’ve gotten your most burning spring skiing questions out of the way, we can move onto the cultural aspect of this seasonal activity in our mountain town. Sure, the powder is softer in spring; but so are our spirits. As much as we love winter skiing, the ideal ski conditions that winter brings about result in a somewhat competitive spirit in the air, often palpable across the ski runs. In spring, however, the slopes are tamed by casual thrill-seekers and locals enjoying the turn of the season – there’s a more relaxed feeling to the mountains in the springtime. As a result, it’s a great time of year for newbies, first-timers, and kids to hit the slopes. The soft spring snow is more forgiving, the ski runs are less crowded, and that sweet mountain air warm and inviting.

Another bonus that comes with skiing in McCall, Idaho, in the spring season is the opportunity to spot and admire some of the wildlife that calls McCall home. After months of hibernating, storing, migrating, and surviving the cold, McCall’s wildlife materializes from winter’s blustery grip with great zeal. McCall is home to Rocky Mountain elk, moose, deer, black bears, foxes, and a host of majestic bird species. While too many belong to the latter to be named (there are officially 432 bird species on record in Idaho), some of our favorites are woodpeckers, bald eagles, and our 13 species of owls, including the Boreal owl, the Great gray owl, and the Flammulated owl.

If you’re planning on hitting the slopes during your stay at Shore Lodge, we won’t let you lug your gear around on your own. Not only do we offer a complimentary shuttle that will take you to Brundage Mountain, but Shore Lodge also has complimentary equipment storage upon request, so your ski gear is somewhere safe & out of the way. Just call us to let us know when you’re planning to take to the hills, and we will make your spring ski getaway for you with white-glove service.

For more information or help plan your spring skiing adventure, contact Shore Lodge at 1.800.657.6464 or email us at info@shorelodge.com.