December 2019

Dreaming of a white Christmas, or winter season in general? McCall, Idaho, has you covered with an average of 138 inches of snowfall each year. Of course, with this level of powder, there are a few things to keep in mind when packing for your trip to McCall, whether you’re hitting the high slopes or the hot springs.


Sometimes the most “common sense” items tend to be forgotten. When packing for your trip into our winter wonderland, be sure to toss your gloves, scarves, and heavy socks into your suitcase first so that you can check them off your list and get to the items that require a bit more thought.

Waterproof boots/jackets

If you’re headed to McCall in January, you can sometimes expect a bit of rain or wet snow. With temperatures in the low 30s, you’re going to want to stay dry, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Thermals & Pajamas

While your days may be filled with exhilarating adventures, the nights tend to get quite crisp here in McCall. Ensure that the temperature drops don’t induce hibernation by packing thermals and warm pajamas for your winter nights in McCall.


Yes. You read that right. You can’t visit McCall without exploring the local hot springs such as Burgdorf or Golf Fork, immersing yourself in The Cove’s heated saltwater immersion pools, or sinking into the outdoor hot tub at Shore Lodge while taking in the view of the mountains and lake views.


Up at an elevation of 5,000 feet, the air really is different. Be prepared to head into a dry climate – and its effects on your skin. Hydrating body lotions and lip balms will be the best combat for the mountain climate.


It goes without saying that the winters here are cold, how else would we sustain such a beautifully powdered haven, after all? But “cold” is relative. So be sure to bring plenty of layers to adapt your outfit to your daily activities and fluctuating temperatures, which can vary by as much as 20 degrees between night and day.

Whether you choose to stay seated by the fire or shred some powder, Shore Lodge can help you fulfill your winter adventures. Our concierge can set you up with a pair of high-quality snowshoes so that you can go deep into your exploration of McCall. Meanwhile, our concierge will store your skis during your stay and even give them a quick tune-up before you hit the slopes. And speaking of the slopes, those heading to Brundage Mountain can leave the driving to us, as our complimentary shuttle will happily get you there and back.

And for items that get left behind (it’s inevitable, really), be sure to head to The Mercantile at Shore Lodge for all your travel essentials, from artisanal souvenirs to toiletries and weather-appropriate clothes.

Now that you’ve chosen your destination and figured out what to pack, it’s time to discover all of the adventures that await. To learn all about the winter fun available at Shore Lodge and McCall, Idaho, click here.