May 2023

If you want an experience that gives you an adventure in luxury, book your next vacation at the award-winning resort, Shore Lodge, home to The Cove, an Authentic McCall Spa.

The resort is situated in McCall, Idaho with breathtaking scenery, thrilling outdoor excursions, and luxury spa experiences offered at The Cove. The four-star luxury spa excels in providing skincare and body treatments and famous for the indoor/outdoor immersion pools inspired by the local hot springs. Upon entering The Cove, guests are greeted by 60 soaring Douglas Fir Logs stretching from floor-to-ceiling, corridors crafted of luxurious Pacific Northwest antique oak and treatment rooms decorated with rustic finishes and luxurious linens. By default, Adventure in Luxury was woven into The Cove.

As vacationers prepare for their year-round visits to Shore Lodge, our spa professionals have prepared a few tips to include a wellness component throughout your stay.

Shore Lodge Suite

1. Get more Zzz’s

Great skincare begins with a good night’s sleep. Be sure to get at least seven to eight hours each night. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults up to 60 years of age need at least seven hours per night.[1]

When you stay with us, our nightly turndown service sets the mood for a good night’s rest with soothing music, and house made cookies. The plush robes found in our closets add a nice touch to induce sweet dreams.

Payette Lake

2. Be Sun Savvy

Always use sunscreen when outdoors, especially for your face. Cumulative UV exposure over time results in skin damage and can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. For days out on the water, extra sunscreen is needed as the sun reflects from the surface and right onto your skin.

And just because it’s a cloudy day does not mean you can relax on sunscreen! UV rays easily penetrate clouds, and the danger of UV damage remains.

Before heading outdoors, make sure that you apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to your entire body, including your face and neck. Reapply every two hours – especially after swimming or sweating.

For complete skin rejuvenation, The Cove at Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho, offers a full line-up of facials for a variety of skin types. To view them, click here.

Dining at Shore Lodge

3. Eat Healthy and Hydrate

When it comes to your skin, what goes in your body is just as important as what you put on your body. By eating right and hydrating, your body will receive all the essential vitamins and nutrients required to look and feel its best. Foods containing plenty of water include fruits, vegetables, and select dairy products. Supplement these food choices by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Did you know that cucumbers contain almost 95 percent water and are an excellent way to stay hydrated throughout the day?[2] Plus, these tasty veggies contain potassium and magnesium, which both support bodily hydration and good health.

Broccoli is another hydrating food. Packed with antioxidants and high in fiber, iron and Vitamin C, broccoli makes an excellent addition to meals. Try steaming it or blending it into smoothies! Avoid sugar, fast food, and packaged foods, especially meats with nitrates and soda. These contribute to an inflammatory reaction in the body that speeds up the aging process.

Our Wildflower facial offers the perfect hydrating solution to help eliminate dead skin cells, leaving your skin with an au natural glow. Please know, reservations are required to visit The Cove.

The Mercantile

4. Choose the Right Cleanser and Moisturizer

Selecting the best facial cleanser and moisturizer for you is an integral part of achieving healthy, radiant skin. The secret to a simple skincare routine is using a moisturizer followed by sunscreen in the morning and a hydrating cleanser at night. Hydrating the neck is important too and should be treated as an extension of your face. Located at the entrance of The Cove is our retail store where you can shop our range of Éminence Organic Skincare products. Their essential skincare formulas help remove makeup, dirt, excess oil, and other pollutants from the skin while preventing breakouts or other skin conditions like acne.

Moisturizers are used to lock in moisture and maintain skin hydration. Éminence carries an array of moisturizing formulas available with hyaluronic acid, and they are best applied when the skin is slightly damp to avoid clogged pores and potential discomfort.

Fitness Studio

5. Exercise

Exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle. Not only does exercise help control weight and improve bone health, but it can also help improve sleep quality while decreasing your risk for certain cancers and cardiovascular conditions. For that reason, our guests have access to our 24-hour fitness center that is outfitted with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength equipment.

Exercise is key to maintaining good health and feeling great, yet many of us fail to get enough. According to the American Heart Association, adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week; additionally, two days per week should include muscle-strengthening activities.[3]

Looking forward to your visit to Shore Lodge even more? Thought so! With our nature-inspired amenities, organic facials, and immersive full-body wraps to soothe both mind and body – The Cove is the perfect respite when visiting McCall.

For more information on Shore Lodge, please click here.If interested in booking your next luxury spa experience, please click here Reservations are required.

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